Saturday, November 7, 2009

God has a purpose for the waiting

It has struck me how God has been speaking to me these last few weeks about this waiting period. First I heard a pastor talk about how Jesus waited for 30 years to begin his ministry. It is difficult to think about, he is the savior, but he waited. Next our pastor was teaching on Paul and she spoke of how he waited 14 years to step into what God had called him to do. Then I was preparing my lesson for my Sunday School class and the lesso to the kids was on David and how David waited 17 years from the time he was annointed until he was actually King.

Don't give up brother/sister, be stron during this time of waiting and know that there is a purpose for the wait. You need to be determined to keep standing and keep walking. Remember what God has promised you but don't worry about the length of time that it has taken to see whatever it is with your eyes. Don't get tired of waiting. I know that when I am discouraged ad tired of waiting on God to bring my husband I lose focus on why I am waiting. Sometimes we forget that there is a reason for our waiting. I know that God has been teaching me some lessons during this time as well as healing many hurts. Had I been in a relationship, I may not have had time to listen to God as he has been pointing out things in me that need changed.

I think that the best advice I can give is to not give up, "when you have done all that you can do just stand"...