Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Valentine...

Ever year I struggle during Valentine's Day because I am still single and still waiting on the man that God has for me. But last year I was reminded that Jesus is my Valentine. He loves me like no one ever has and he is always with me. This is not always easy to remember especially when the other side of my bed is cold and empty or when I am hurting and needing someone to hold me. I know without a doubt that Jesus is with me even if I cannot see him or feel him. He is the same yesterday today and forever. Which means to me if he was with the people in the Bible and with me in my past then he is with me now. I have comfort in that and I find myself talking with him more and more. I want to be all that he would have me be and if that means that I need to stay single and lean only on him then so be it. Who am I to argue with the King of Kings? Last year I felt relieved at Valentines because I didn't focus on what I didn't have, instead Infocused on all of the wonderful things that I do have. That is my goal this year too. Will I struggle in my singleness this Friday? Maybe. But I will encourage myself in The Lord and I will remember that I have someone in my life who loves me so much that He died so that I might live. Be encouraged and have a blessed Valentines Day.

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